It is quite fashionable to have your own chickens and fresh homegrown eggs at your fingertips. More and more people in the Western world are aware of the importance of domestic egg production. Automatic doors make it much easier for us to take care of the chickens, because they relieve us of the obligation to close the coop in the evening and open it in the morning.

The price of the device: 148.84€

Delivery by mail to your home or pick up at our place by prior order.

To order, write to us at the e-mail address:

For more information, call us on 031 675 639.


Simple assembly

No complicated settings

Option to choose

It is also possible to set the opening times

Light sensor

Regardless of the season, the doors close on time

Automatic opening and closing

One less worry, no more obligations with closing and opening

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Basic door features


The door allows for an easy installation on wood or concrete walls. The size of the door is 20 × 30 cm, which is enough for ordinary chickens. On request, we can also make larger doors for you (e.g. for turkeys…) You don’t have to worry about the door catching the hens, as it closes slowly. Regardless of the season, there is no need for additional settings. The door is battery operated.

We offer a one-year warranty for the product.

True story:


Our chickens can thank this door for the fact that they are still alive today. We would often forget to close our chicken coop in the evening, so in the morning we often had one chicken missing. Once we even found the chicken coop completely empty in the morning. Since installing the automatic chicken coop gate, we have never lost a chicken. The door also never closes too quickly to prevent the hens from entering the coop. Now, before we even get up in the morning, the rooster comes out and sings a wake-up call for us under the window. If we come home late, we do not have to worry, since our chickens are already safe behind closed doors.

The Jakop family from Zavrh

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