Address: Profilplast d.o.o., Zavrh nad Dobrno 10, 3204 Dobrna
Telephone: +386 (0)3 781 80 33
Fax: +386 (0)3 781 80 34
Identification number: SI33887101
Registration number: 2119960
Registered activity: Production of plastic products, Production of tools
No. of full-time employees: 8
Management: Miroslav Jakop in Marjeta Jakop


The company Profilplast, d. o. o., operates as a family business with more than 30 years of tradition. We work in the field of white goods industry, the furniture industry, agriculture and for other specific customers, including the automotive industry. Our wealth is the knowledge we have in our field, as we can produce complex products and thus serve the most demanding customers.


We are proud of a good team of loyal colleagues from the surrounding hills: young driven boys who, with the support of old hands in the field of toolmaking and assembly, achieve the best results. We are proud to say that some of our employees have been loyal to the company for more than 20, or even 30 years, which is quite a rarity nowadays.

We do our work with heart.

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Management: Jakop Miroslav and Jakop Marjeta

Vision and mission

Our vision is to be a stable company in the field of toolmaking and extrusion of plastic profiles with an offer of PROFILES FOR ALL PROFILES. We want to continue to offer quality custom greenhouses and PVC fences at a moderate price to end users.

When we think about the future at Profilplast d.o.o., we do not just think about development, our goal is also to achieve the satisfaction of our employees, sustainable development, social responsibility and satisfied customers. We are constantly investing in new technologies that allow us to offer the jobs of the future to the market.

We are aware of our responsibility towards society, so we do our best to contribute to the community in which we operate and co-create a better environment for society as a whole. We support various organizations in the local environment with sponsorships and donations.


We understand that plastic is a double-edged sword – many applications of plastic are unnecessary and contribute to today’s microplastics problem, etc. However, especially in the world of technical plastic, which are largely recycled, there is hardly a more sustainable alternative. In our company, we recycle production waste and reuse it to make new products.

All plastic products from Profilplast d.o.o. can be 100% recycled and reused.

We are aware of the importance of environmental protection, which is why we at Profilplast d.o.o. implement quite a few measures that reduce the burden on the environment. Plastic waste during production: the greater part is recycled again and a recycling company takes the smaller part away. We constantly follow new trends and legislation in the field of environmental protection.


The original founder of the company and its manager is still Miro Jakop. His independent entrepreneurial journey dates back to 1989, during the time of Yugoslavia.

Over the years, we have gradually expanded our machinery park, business premises and circle of new customers.

The initial activity was only the processing of plastics, but later, due to the great demand for tools, it expanded to the field of toolmaking, especially to the specialization of manufacturing tools for extrusion – that is, tools for the production of profiles.

Today, our main customers are large companies throughout Slovenia, and around 30% of our turnover consists of the export to the demanding EU market, especially for the automotive industry. Part of the traffic is also achieved through mail order sales to end users. A wider circle of people knows us primarily for our products, namely custom-made greenhouses and PVC fences.

We are proud of Zavrh and the opportunity to work in our home environment. There is no need to go to the world for large projects; large projects for the whole world can also be carried out in Dobrna.


The tradition of our company also includes education in our craft. Every year we enable trainees to enter our profession. In cooperation with vocational schools, the practical part of their education is carried out in our company. This is how young personnel are developed in our company and are the basis for our future.

If you are happy to work in the position of TOOL MAKER or FITTER, even if you have no experience, call us or write to us. We offer flexible working hours; fair pay for fair work and the workshop is located in an authentic home environment in the village.


Profilplast d.o.o. was awarded co-financing of eligible costs in 2022 - a voucher for digital marketing. The creation of the website is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development.