PVC Profiles

Extruding or drawing PVC profiles is a skill that we have mastered. We are experts at drawing PVC profiles. We have three computerised lines on which we can manufacture PVC profiles to your specifications.

Our strengths

Plastic profile extrusion is our passion

Three computerised extrusion lines

More than 30 years of experience in the field of extruded plastic profiles

Extrusion of plastic materials


We have our own tool shop, so we can provide you with complete solutions, from idea to final product or serial production. High-quality PVC profiles.

We have experience drawing profiles out of a variety of materials. We have the most experience with the extrusion of various types of PVC profiles. PVC profile production provides a diverse colour palette as well as the ability to produce all RAL colours.

The company Profilplast, d. o. o. prioritises the quality of our solutions and customer satisfaction.

plastic profiles



We also offer co-extrusion, which allows for more complex solutions, such as the use of two colours and two different material hardnesses.

Finishing touches: We add final touches to the plastic profiles as needed, such as cutting them to different lengths, cutting PVC profiles at different angles, punching, carving, and even welding or processing in other ways.

PVC extrusion profiles

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Injection moulding of plastics

We offer plastic injection moulding on machines with closing forces of up to 95 t. We have many years of experience in this field and can advise you on material selection and accessory use. The latest machines allow us to ensure production precision and quality.

We have our own tool shop, so we can provide you with complete solutions, from idea to final product or serial production.

We have references in the following fields:


  • the furniture industry,
  • agriculture,
  • construction,
  • and the white goods industry.

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Personal approach and quick response


Send us an inquiry to ensure that we can provide you with favourable cooperation conditions. We will respond to you in the shortest possible time. Our guiding principle is to provide you with a high-quality product at a reasonable price. We take a personal approach because we want to provide you with the best solution possible. You can reach us using the information provided below.


Other products

We offer a wide range of PVC shelves and PVC angles at competitive prices and with high-quality manufacturing, which are used as additional profiles in the production of PVC windows and doors.


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