plastic extrusion

At Profilplast, d.o.o. we can help you find the best solution in the field of tool manufacturing. We meet agreed-upon production deadlines, use only the highest quality materials, and charge a reasonable fee for our services. We are a tool manufacturer with proven quality, precision, and 100% reliability.

We have our own development, construction, and a modern tool shop equipped with CNC machines where tools are produced quickly and efficiently. We provide comprehensive solutions based on our knowledge and extensive experience in our tool shop, from idea to serial production. The production of tools in our tool shop is of the highest quality.


Profilplast tooling provides you with:

PVC extrusion

plastic extrusion tools

sheet metal punching and forming tools

plastic injection moulding tools

CNC milling, wire EDM machines, die sinking EDM machines

other devices according to your needs

maintenance and consulting

Plastic extrusion tools


The production of plastic extrusion tools is an area in which we are particularly specialized. We can manufacture even the most demanding tools due to our extensive experience and knowledge in this field. We also manufacture co-extrusion tools for plastic profiles. Our tool shop only uses high-quality materials when manufacturing tools.

We also manufacture multi-nested high-precision tools for plastic injection moulding for a variety of technical products.

We also test all of the tools on the profile drawing line or the injection moulding machine ourselves, so you get the tool along with the samples. Our company produces tools quickly and efficiently.

extrusion tool

Orodje Za Izsek 1 – Kopija

Combined sheet metal punching and forming tools


Tools are manufactured using CAD/CAM technology based on your sketch, plan, or sample.

Our tool shop also produces combination sheet metal punching and bending tools, primarily for automotive parts manufactured by General Motors, Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others. The gallery below shows only a small selection of the tools we’ve produced in our tool shop. Every year, we can produce more than ten combined sheet metal punching and bending tools in the tool shop.

We use only the highest quality materials when making tools.

Care for the quality of our solutions and customer satisfaction are our biggest priorities at Profilplast, d. o. o.

Accuracy without deviation


The Profilplast tool shop is equipped with modern technological equipment , allowing us to produce tools of the highest quality:

  • CNC milling machines,
  • wire EDM machines,
  • die sinking EDM machines,
  • grinding machines,
  • lathes,
  • punching machines,
  • and a variety of other tools.


Cnc Rezkanje

A personal approach

Miro Jakop, the tool shop’s manager, has many years of experience in the tool making business. Please contact us by email or phone, and we will gladly meet with you. You can be confident that we will provide you with a reasonable price and the best possible solution in the field of tool making and plastic extrusion.

Miro Jakop

Our strengths

The production of extrusion tools is our passion

High-tech hardware

More than 30 years of experience in the toolmaking and extrusion industry

Machine park



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